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Don’t miss the latest episode! Each instalment has been carefully tailored to bring you the inside track on the investment world so you are empowered to make good financial decisions. We’ve assembled a stellar cast of top money managers and have tested them against our guardians so you can learn from their questions and insights.

Season 4 - Episode 6

In only a few short weeks, celeb investor Blair McDonough has gone from financial novice to informed investor. He’s now ready to explore different investment strategies and put his financial plan into action. In our final episode, Blair meets contrarian investor Graeme Forster of Orbis Investments who shows him there’s another way to approach investing over the long term.

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Lessons: Think like an investor

What do you know about market efficiency?

Projit Chatterjee

When it comes to investing in emerging markets, it's actually the inefficiencies that are creating opportunity. ....

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Wealth Stories

Latest Wealth Stories

What I love about hearing other peoples stories is how they inspire me to aim higher, go further and believe anything is possible. I am so happy to be able to share with you some of the inspirational people I have talked to about what really matters to them. I hope they inspire you too.

Wealth Stories

Anthony Minichiello on leadership


Leadership was a skill that ex-Sydney Roosters captain Anthony Minichiello developed later on in life after a series of injuries led him to realise that if he wasn’t able to add value on the field, he’d have to add it off the field. Anthony discusses his leadership journey with Vanessa Stoykov and how having a strong support network helped him to embrace his leadership potential.

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Wealth Stories

Sir Michael Parkinson on the secret to happiness


Sir Michael Parkinson, one of television’s most loved personalities, speaks to Vanessa Stoykov about the secret to happiness. You may be surprised as it has nothing to do with wealth.

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Wealth Stories

Jeffrey Archer on dealing with rejection


Jeffrey Archer reveals his methods for dealing with rejection and talks to Vanessa Stoykov about the importance of self-belief and being tenacious.

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Wealth Stories

Anthony Field on the importance of getting the right financial advice


Having made mistakes in the past, Anthony Field shares insights on his experience as a business owner with Vanessa Stoykov.

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