Editorial Policy


Here at No More Practice (NMP), we are extremely passionate about connecting you with professional money managers (Managers) both in Australia and overseas. We do this so you can learn directly from the experts who make it their living to invest and manage money.

We want to cut out the middle man - the brands or commenters who stand between you and the direct knowledge of how professional money managers go about doing what they do - allowing you to go straight to the source.


We have created three areas for you to learn about on our site. Those being 'think like an investor', 'understand diversifying' and 'understand investment philosophy'.

We have done so because we believe if over time, you understand these concepts and start to apply them to your own approach to money, you will be more confident to take control of growing your wealth.

We believe the next generation of investors want short, entertaining and to the point education on how to grow their wealth. We take great pleasure on connecting incredibly smart people to a public that can use that knowledge to their own advantage.

At our core we are storytellers. It's a story we were born to tell. We hope it helps you write your own wealth story.


We encourage everyone to work with a financial adviser they trust. The series provides generic information only. We don't intend this site to take away the function of a good advice partner. They will always understand your personal needs and goals in a way this community cannot.

We have worked for many years with the Financial Planning Association. They have a find a planner function on their website which can help you find a registered planner in your areas http://fpa.com.au/find-a-planner/


We select the Managers to appear on our series and website based on three criteria:

  • Approval from our research house guardians, Lonsec and Zenith, based on their ratings of the products offered by the Managers

  • They must have a passion to educate both professional wealth advisers and the public. All the managers who appear on our show and on this site have a genuine desire to share what they know.

  • They must be regarded as high quality by their industry peers, even if they’re not a household name. Many times in financial services there are quality boutique fund managers, who are highly regarded within the industry, but not known outside it. It is an exciting opportunity for us to be able to connect you with this calibre of investment professional.


Our two Guardians, Lonsec and Zenith, are two of the largest research houses in the Australian investment industry.


Each Manager and Guardian that appears in our show or on our website pays a fee to participate in the creation of our education content. This fee is paid to the series producer Evolution Media Pty Ltd (trading as Evolution Media Group)(EMG).

EMG has a strict Editorial Policy to ensure that the payments by the Managers and Guardians do not influence how the series is produced and edited, and do not influence any advice given by NMP. NMP also has a Conflicts of Interest policy requiring the management of any conflicts that arise between your interests and the interests of NMP, EMG, their directors and staff including founder, CEO and owner Vanessa Stoykov who appears in the series. Further detail about our remuneration and relationships are set out in our FSG.

By managing any conflict of interest that arises, NMP is able to provide the series to the community without charge.


NMP is committed to ensuring that the commercial considerations of the Managers, Guardians, and the Evolution Media Group have no influence on editorial decisions made by EMG and NMP.

NMP achieves this through the following actions:

  • Checks and balances: the series is produced by EMG but NMP has final editorial approval in accordance with its Australian financial services (AFS) licence obligations. NMP obtains an external compliance signoff of all series content.

  • Managers and Guardians have no editorial role in the production of the series. They are permitted to review the produced content for factual accuracy only.

  • NMP Conflicts of Interest Policy: As an AFS licence holder, NMP is required to have adequate arrangements for the management of conflicts of interest. This Policy requires:

    • the disclosure of whether any benefit is given by a Manager or Guardian to NMP and compliance with measures in the Editorial Policy to prevent such benefit having any influence on advice given by NMP in the series;

    • identification of any actual or potential conflict of interest including any financial, personal or other relationships with product providers that could inappropriately influence, or be perceived to influence, advice given by NMP in the series; and

    • disclosure of remuneration or other benefits to be received by NMP, its employees or directors and associates.

  • Requiring Guardians to disclose to NMP their remuneration, associations and relationships so that NMP can consider how this could impact the questions asked of Managers or views expressed in series.

  • Providing a framework to Guardians to ensure that they ask questions of Managers that lead to the discussion of both benefits and risks associated with the Manager’s investment philosophy.

  • Ensuring the series provides a balanced representation of comments made by Guardians about each Manager’s investment philosophy.

  • Ensuring that where historical performance of Managers is discussed, a prominent warning is given in accordance with ASIC’s Regulatory Guide 53.

  • Ensuring that where future performance of Managers is discussed, there are reasonable grounds for this information and warnings are given in accordance with ASIC’s Regulatory Guide 170.

  • Providing a proper explanation or reference to information about any rating given by a research house to a product so that the impression of a product created by any rating house accurately reflects the rating.

  • Give accurate and balanced information about products and due prominence to benefits and risks of products.