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Amanda Gillespie

Amanda Gillespie is the General Manager Client Solutions & Strategy at Perpetual Investments and is the former joint chief executive of Lonsec Fiscal Holdings with over 19 years' of investment experience. She played a key role in building out Lonsec's research and consulting capabilities over the 13 years she has been with the group for. Amanda was also responsible for the implementation of Lonsec Research's strategic vision and objectives, organisational management and financial growth.

Having joined Perpetual in 2018, she is now responsible for Perpetual Investments’ business strategy, managing strategic initiatives and business priorities, and leading the Client Solutions and Strategy team.

Perpetual Investments

Perpetual Limited is a diversified financial services company, with a rich history dating back to 1886. The company has been ASX listed since 1964. Across its three businesses – Perpetual Investments, Perpetual Private and Perpetual Corporate Trust – the unwavering commitment is on protecting and growing clients’ wealth, with a focus on consistent delivery over time.

Perpetual Investments provides a broad range of investment strategies across asset classes to individuals, advisers and institutions. Perpetual Private is a leading provider of financial advice and philanthropic services to high net worth individuals, families and community-based organisations. Perpetual Corporate Trust is a leading provider of corporate trustee services.

Lessons from this expert

Lesson types: Think like an investor

Is direct investing right for you?

Amanda Gillespie - 09/11/2015

Increased investor engagement with Self Managed Super Funds reflects an interest in taking greater control over investment decisions, however investors should be wary of potential pitfalls of this strategy before choosing this path

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Lesson types: Understanding investment philosophy

Active or passive: which fund management style is right for you?

Amanda Gillespie - 14/09/2015

Actively and passively managed funds both have their merits, and deciding which style is right for you will depend on an individual investor. Understanding the differences between these two styles however may help an investor make a more informed decision.

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Lesson types: Understanding diversification

Looking for diversity

Amanda Gillespie - 31/08/2015

As traditional asset classes start to lose value, advisers must turn to diversification and alternative assets to stabilise performance in client portfolios

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Lesson types: Think like an investor

The secrets to retirement investing

Amanda Gillespie - 16/08/2015

Before committing to any long-term investment strategy, there are several key considerations all investors must be aware of to ensure they make a careful and informed decision with their retirement savings.

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