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"In today's tough investment market, bonds are the new bricks & mortar."

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Fixed Income

Anne Anderson

Anne Anderson is the Head of Fixed Income and Investment Solutions, Australia at UBS Asset Management and has overall responsibilities for the group’s activities across this space. Anne has been with UBS Asset Management since 1993 and during this time has gained extensive knowledge of Australian and global fixed income markets through a number of investment and client management roles within the business in Australia.

UBS Asset Management

UBS Asset Management in Australia provides a comprehensive range of investment styles and strategies to investors. Drawing on its 30-year heritage, UBS Asset Management strives to deliver outcome-orientated investment solutions for our clients, underpinned by our disciplined investment philosophy, world class fundamental research and rigorous risk management.

Lessons from this expert

Lesson types: Understanding diversification

The case for fixed income in today’s world

Anne Anderson

Fixed income expert reveals everything you need to know about investing in bonds.

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Lesson types: Understanding diversification

Fixed income, simplified

Anne Anderson

Everything you wanted to know about bonds but were afraid to ask.

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Lesson types:

Why Fixed Income is the New Black

Anne Anderson

As an asset class, fixed income is often overlooked in favour of newer and more dynamic investment strategies, however, at a time when we’re expecting to feel the result of quantitative tightening around the globe, and volatility and uncertainty are returning to markets, perhaps predictability and stability of returns are just what’s needed. In this Market Update, Anne Anderson of UBS Asset Management makes a case for fixed income, how it’s being used by younger investors to realise their goals, and why it’s needed now more than ever.

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Lesson types: Think like an investor

The art of being an informed investor

Anne Anderson - 04/05/2016

I find patterns in numbers. It takes time to learn how to spot them but they are there, and once you can identify the patterns, you can locate the changes and start to identify the opportunities.

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