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"Seeing a client’s shoulders lift as the weight of the world is taken off them is rewarding."

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Financial Planning

Anne Graham

With over 30 years working in finance and financial planning, various degrees and certifications and numerous awards and recognition from the profession based on the results achieved for her clients, Anne makes a difference to her clients’ lives.

Anne specialises in helping clients prepare for retirement (whenever that may be) and thinking about “life after work” and what that looks like for them.

Drawing on her experience, technical expertise and genuine interest in people, she has the unique ability to de-mystify financial jargon and work with clients to achieve their goals.

Story Wealth Management

Story Wealth Management was established in 2001 and specialises in providing advice and assistance with wealth creation and management for those looking to retire and seeking a personalised financial plan and assistance to help reach their goals.

Our experienced team provide comprehensive professional assistance with your financial strategy, ongoing asset management and other aspects of wealth creation including:

  • Pre-retirement financial structure and planning

  • Ensuring a comfortable income during retirement

  • Superannuation and estate planning

For most of our clients, financial planning is far more than simply planning for a comfortable retirement, and taking care of their family. It’s about enjoying life today, creating experiences, and having confidence that tomorrow will be even better.

Lessons from this expert

Lesson types: Think like an investor

Don’t give up, you’ve got this

Anne Graham

To spend or to save? It's the eternal question. While we might want to live for today, tomorrow is just around the corner. It's amazing what time can do for your money, writes Anne Graham.

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Lesson types: Think like an investor

The two keys to your financially successful 100-year life

Anne Graham

Our life expectancies have been gradually increasing, to the point that many us of can now expect to live to 100 or more. Financial planner Anne Graham discusses how this increase in life expectancy is likely to impact our finances and the steps you need to take now to prepare for this.

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