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“The risk isn't standing out from the crowd. The risk is being part of the crowd.”

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Ben Preston

Ben Preston is a portfolio counsellor with over 19 years' industry experience. He leads a global sector team and his primary responsibilities are researching the consumer, financial services and technology sectors. He holds a Master of Arts (Honours) in Mathematical Sciences (University of Oxford) and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. Ben is a Director of Orbis Investment Advisory Limited.

Orbis Investment Management

Founded in 1989, Orbis Investment Management has been investing globally for over 25 years. Since the firm's inception, our purpose has been straightforward: to empower our clients by enhancing their savings and wealth. We believe the best way we can do this is by applying our fundamental, long-term and contrarian investment philosophy. To support this mission, we have structured our firm in a way that requires us to deliver meaningful value-for-money to our clients.

Lessons from this expert

Lesson types: Think like an investor

Finding the hidden investment gems of 2018

Ben Preston

Technology, quantitative tightening and the rise of emerging markets are making waves on the world stage in 2018. In this Market Update episode, Ben Preston of Orbis Investments examines these trends and provides insight into the opportunities that come from them.

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Lesson types: Understanding diversification

Tesla vs. Honda: who would you back?

Ben Preston

Tesla has been dominating the news headlines as of late, but this hasn’t dampened the public perception of the company’s value. Indeed, investors are so convinced of the company’s future success they are prescribing it the same value as more established car manufacturers like Honda. As Orbis Investments explains, although Honda’s profit margins have been depressed over the past few years, a closer look at what drives its profitability shows the opportunity inherent in this investment.

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Lesson types: Think like an investor

The importance of small steps for the long run

Ben Preston - 03/05/2016

I think everyone should have some component of their portfolio invested in international shares. Think about what types of products and services you'll need in the future and where they'll come from - it makes sense to have global reach in your investments.

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