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Ethical Investing

David Macri

David Macri is the chief investment officer of Australian Ethical Investment and is responsible for ensuring the effective management of all investment aspects of the company. He has over 18 years’ experience in the financial services industry, during which time he has held roles at Macquarie Securities, Credit Suisse Asset Management and Mercer, and has worked across both buy-side and sell-side equities research.

Australian Ethical Investment

Australian Ethical Investment believes it can change the world by making money do good. What’s more, it’s shown it can make investors more money while doing it. For 30 years, it’s proven that ethical investments are the way of the future. And, it knows how to make money in ethical areas, better than just about anybody else. The Australian-owned company offers superannuation, managed funds and pension products.

Lessons from this expert

Lesson types: Think like an investor

A sustainable way of investing

David Macri - 12/08/2016

My mantra is to invest for a better future. It's important to think about the future and the impact your investment decisions will have not only on yourself, but on society and the environment.

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Lesson types: Understanding investment philosophy

How investing ethically can lift performance

David Macri - 20/05/2016

Fund Manager David Macri pitches the ethical investment philosophy of Australian Ethical to the Guardians. David explains how they screen companies based on the principles of their ethical charter and how ethical investing can assist successful performance.

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Lesson types: Understanding investment philosophy

What to look for when making investment decisions

David Macri - 07/06/2016

A bottom-up research approach to stock picking helps the team behind the Australian Ethical Emerging Companies Fund determine the fair value behind a stock.

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