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Lukasz de Pourbaix

Lukasz de Pourbaix is the chief investment officer for Lonsec Fiscal Holdings and is responsible for bringing together Lonsec’s broad investment research capability and established portfolio construction experience to deliver packaged investment solutions for financial advisers and their clients. He has been with Lonsec since 2008, when he joined the group as general manager, investment consulting, before progressing to his current role in 2015. Prior to this, Lukasz held research and consultancy roles at ING and BT Investment Management.

Lonsec Fiscal Holdings

For more than 20 years, Lonsec Fiscal Holdings has empowered financial services professionals with disciplined, actionable investment research, securities services and strategies that add value to their client relationships. While the services offered have evolved over time, uncompromising quality and client focus remain paramount. Today, the broader Lonsec Group continues to provide financial advisers, superannuation funds and investors with integrated market intelligence and investment services that ultimately help people to prosper.

Lessons from this expert

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How are investment companies rated?

Lukasz de Pourbaix - 05/12/2016

In assessing investment products, research houses apply a ratings process to measure and determine the quality of these investment managers relative to their peers, as well as their ability to meet their investment objectives. Lukasz de Pourbaix, chief investment officer of Lonsec Investment Solutions explains approach behind the process and why it is undertaken.

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Lonsec investment market update

Lukasz de Pourbaix - 15/11/2016

Investment markets have been experiencing some shorter term volatility as of late as a result of a slowdown in the global economy, says Lukasz de Pourbaix, chief investment officer of Lonsec Investment Solutions. In this update, Lukasz shares a market update from Lonsec and explains why we’re likely to transition into a lower returns environment.

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The role of a research house

Lukasz de Pourbaix - 25/10/2016

Research houses assess investment products to determine if these have the ability to meet their investment objectives. Lukasz de Pourbaix, chief investment officer of Lonsec Fiscal Holdings explains the role of a research house and what kinds of products they assess on behalf of investors.

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Lesson types: Think like an investor

Can you access your assets when you need them most?

Lukasz de Pourbaix - 19/07/2016

Liquidity, or the accessibility of assets, is often viewed as a positive, whereas illiquidity is thought of in a negative sense. However, how much liquidity do we really need in our investment portfolios?

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