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"With a good financial plan, you can cut through to the issues that are important and develop foundations and strategies that provide people with peace of mind."

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Financial Planning

Matthew Walker

Having worked as a specialist financial planner since 1991 Matthew has extensive experience in providing advice to successful individuals such as senior corporate executives, professionals and self-employed business executives. His plain-English approach to complicated financial and regulatory subjects has won him a loyal client following.

Matthew is a Certified Financial Planner Professional ® (CFP), an SMSF Specialist Adviser™, a Founder and Director of WLM Financial Services and Dynamic Asset Consulting P/L, Chairman of the not-for-profit Association of Goals Based Advice (AGBA) -, a Justice of the Peace and a regular commentator in the financial media.

WLM Financial Services

WLM Financial Services provides Financial Planning, Accounting and Wealth Management advice.

This breadth of service and depth of knowledge allows us to help clients across almost any aspect of their finances with the simplicity and efficiency of dealing with one professional firm.

Being an independently owned fee-for-service provider with our own Australian Financial Services Licence (#232512) aligns our interests with our clients. This enable us to develop and maintain bespoke solutions for our clients to meet their specific needs.

With over 20 years + of experience across all disciplines we are well positioned to understand your needs and how to best address them.

Lessons from this expert

Lesson types: Understanding investment philosophy

Understanding investment philosophy

Matthew Walker

Many of the world’s leading investors will tell you that nothing is more important to long-term investment success than a clear investment philosophy. Financial adviser Matthew Walker breaks down the two mainstream investment approaches to help you understand the impact these could have on your own portfolios.

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Lesson types: Think like an investor

The real benefits of using active managers

Matthew Walker

There’s been a lot of debate recently as to whether or not active managers add value, or if you’re best sticking with passive investment products. Financial adviser, Matthew Walker weighs up the pros and cons of each and breaks down what you need to know about the different investment styles.

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Lesson types: Think like an investor

How do you reduce risk?

Matthew Walker

One of the main goals when investing is to aim to get a decent return, without taking too much risk. Financial planner Matthew Walker explains what steps you may take to help reduce risk.

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