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“Australians don't insure their most important assets - themselves."

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Pina Sciarrone

Pina Sciarrone is the chief retail insurance officer of AIA Australia and has 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry spanning operations, sales, distribution and marketing.

She was appointed to this role in 2014, and prior to this was accountable for AIA's retail independent adviser services.

Pina is also the chairperson for the Australia Financial Advisers (AFA) Foundation Committee and the AIA Women at Work Committee. Away from work she chooses to spend as much time as possible with her family.

To learn more about insurance and AIA click here to view its website.

AIA Australia

AIA Australia is an independent life insurance specialist with over 40 years’ experience offering insurance products through financial advisers and partners. As one of the country’s leading life insurers, the group offers a range of products that protect the financial health and welfare of more than three million Australians.

Recently, the group introduced AIA Vitality to offer Australian life insurance that rewards a healthy lifestyle.

Lessons from this expert

Lesson types: Self-Improvement

How to look after the one thing that matters most

Pina Sciarrone

Pasquale had a young family, a successful pharmacy business and a commitment to good health. Then he had a heart attack.

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Lesson types: Understanding investment philosophy

Rebuilding after the worst

Pina Sciarrone

Phil had been suffering from a knee injury that resulted in twelve operations, and if that wasn't agonising enough, it also left him unable to work.

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Lesson types: Understanding investment philosophy

Real life happens

Pina Sciarrone

Craig spent his life helping others. He was a surgeon, teaching others and treating patients both in Australia and with the Australian army. However, after a near-deadly bike accident revealed a hidden disease, he found himself without a job, without income and without hope. Fortunately, his adviser pointed him towards insurance and Craig’s story changed from one of tragedy, to one of renewed purpose.

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Lesson types: Understanding investment philosophy

How Income Protection saved Andrew

Pina Sciarrone

A herniated disc sounds agonising enough. But add to that the fact that you’re a brand-new parent, and you’re in whole new world of pain. This was the reality for Andrew and his family when he got injured at work. With wife Hayley on maternity leave and Andrew out of work (and a long medical journey ahead of him), just keeping up with the mortgage wouldn’t have been possible if it hadn’t been for the insurance cover they’d had the foresight to take out.

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