Lesson type: Understanding investment philosophy

Real life happens

Craig spent his life helping others. He was a surgeon, teaching others and treating patients both in Australia and with the Australian army. However, after a near-deadly bike accident revealed a hidden disease, he found himself without a job, without income and without hope. Fortunately, his adviser pointed him towards insurance and Craig’s story changed from one of tragedy, to one of renewed purpose.

Want to learn more about Income Protection and Crisis Recovery? Watch Pina Sciarrone's commentary below.
How insurance let Craig live his purpose

Multiple sclerosis robbed Craig of his ability to perform surgery. With no known cure, Craig would have lost his income and his purpose. Insurance took care of his financial worries and allowed Craig to renew his passion for helping others through his teaching and training.

Why insurance is so much more than a pay out

If the worst happens and work is no longer an option, losing your income is bad enough. But when this often leads to depression, it can be crippling. By alleviating financial stress, insurance allows claimants to focus on themselves.

How crisis recovery and income protection worked together for Craig

When Craig had a bike accident and realised he’d be out of work for a while, income protection insurance gave him peace of mind. However, even with 75% of his income secured, the diagnosis of his multiple sclerosis added a host of medical bills to his worries. Crisis recovery insurance worked hand-in-hand with income protection in this case and allowed Craig to focus on recovery.

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